Indian Air Force publishing IAF Recruitment 2017:

Indian Air Force

When comes to India, Indian Army forces are considering as one of the important forces to handle and to bring on safety for the country across the border. One must know that the Indian Air force is said to be the important extended of Indian Army forces. Also, it is said to be the world’s 4th aircraft that contains a large number of aircraft among the other world countries. For information, it was established in the year of Oct 8, 1932.  On this day, British Empire started to honour for bringing on the aviation service in India during the World War II. Once the India has got independence from the UK, the name has been changed for the Aviation from Royal Indian air force into Dominion of India.


Republic transition

After the independence of three years, prefix Royal was removed with a transition of the republic in India. One must know, during the year of 1950 IAF is mainly supported to join in the wars. Once it is done with neighbouring countries like Pakistan and republic of china. On the other side, during those time, IAF was generally targeted over IAF which is mainly includes operation cactus, operation Vijay, operation poomalai and operation meghdoot.

On the other side, one should know that the president of India is generally considered as the part of supreme commander of IAF. When comes to the positions, there are also four-star officers available like air chief marshal and chief of Air staff. They are the reason to command and order for the further process to happen in terms of the Air force in India. As per the sources, Arjan Singh who is the marshal of the Air force has generally become the first five-star rank officers.

How it forms during the early stage?

As per the official sources, thus the Indian air force was established in the year 1932 of Royal Air force. At that time, based on the performances of IAF they forced to receive the Air force uniforms with other wearing materials like badges and all. At a very first year, Indian Air Force has formed the team with five Indian pilots and Westland Wapiti biplanes. During that period, Indian pilots were generally functioning by British RAF, after that, they go for Air Vice Marshal. This is the main team once they were formed in the year of 1933. And it is considered as one of the best moments was happened during that period.

IAF Mission

During the time of war, IAF had a great preparation for the defence. After a long practice session, this IAF has named as a safe guard Indian airspace. Later, they started to show their interest with the other national air force branches. It is very important to know that they show their support for all the Indian troops for the battles according to their potential. Thus the IAF has very well trained pilots and teams to access the operations. One must know that during the natural disaster, IAF has shown their immense supports for the happenings like floods, tsunami and cyclone at various times.


Generally, the air force academy conducts the training session to fly. Those training sessions would mainly depend on flying, Ground duty branches and technical. The candidates should be strong by taking all the responsibilities to become an Air Force officer. Aspirants will be requested to build in skills along with projects, presentations, public speaking, swimming, yoga, weapon training and more. These are the main process that every people should follow to become a good officer at the end.

Training session in Flying

When comes to a training session, you will have the session into three different stages. Here the each stage has its own script from simple steps to the complex session. There also you will check out the demonstration in all the aircraft from theoretical to the practical session. On the other side, you can also check out the programme on medical aviation. Apart from those medical sessions, you will also get a chance to improve your yoga sense to over the air sick. Thus the training will be mainly provided by the National Defense Academy. So based on these three training sessions, the candidates will be well trained to be an officer.

IAF Sections

There are a number of sections available in the Flight lieutenant. One must know that each section has the three aircraft. This is the formation formed by the IFA for the several services to be done for most of the operations across the country. Here you can see the three different types of branches like Flying, Ground and Technical. Each branch has its process, when comes to ground branch you could see about meteorological, Logistics, Administration, Education, Administration, Medical and Dental.

Officers Rank

You can also check out about the officer’s rank mainly based on the Indian Air force. Here the highest rank that you could see is the Marshal of the Indian Air Force. It is the awarded for exceptional service during the period of war. One must know that the Arjan Singh is the only officer to hold this achievement.


So, the candidates who are all very much interested in being a part of Indian Air force can apply for the job very easily by visiting the official website on time. They will be allotted the posts for the aspirants, so willing people should match the criteria to apply. By visiting the official website, you will know all details at the right time on or before the last date.

Best Air Force to honour

IAF is one of the best Air force to be considered in the world. By top at 4th, here you can see a number of aircraft origins from more countries. Those aircraft will be the best aircraft in the world to handle by the IAF. We all know that most of the people are wanted to join the Indian Air Force for the great session. However, following the career and trying to give the best service for the nation is the big thing.